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Changes to club Rules of Association

The proposal to change the Rules of Association to allow the AGM to be held on a video conferencing platform was reported as accepted at the AGM on 20th March 2024.


At the time of the invitation to vote there were 67 Full Members who were sent a ballot paper and invited to vote on the proposal.


During the period from the Start Date of 17/02/2024 to the Closing Date of 17/03/2024, Fifty One (51) responses were received as follows:


Agreeing to the proposed changes: 49

Not agreeing to the proposed changes: 1

Commenting on the proposal and formally abstaining: 1

Total Responses: 51


The “Yes” votes represent 73% of the membership eligible to vote at the time of the ballot, the proposed changes are therefore accepted.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and/or comment.

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