Charnwood Hills Race

2022 race results

It has come to our attention that the lead runner sought clarification during the race regarding the correct return route and, following an error in communication, was misdirected along the original return route to the left of Old John rather than over the summit as per this year's route. Following conversations with those concerned, race officials were satisfied that this was a genuine mistake on the part of the marshal  and the route was taken by the lead runner in good faith. 

Upon review of the results we are  satisfied that this error did not have a substantial effect on the final placings of the runners and as such the lead positions stand. We have taken steps to ensure that this type of error will not occur in the future and would like to thank every who took part in today's race for making it such a great event. It's good to be back!

LOST PROPERTY - We have a few items of lost property, if you are missing something contact Andy Railton -

2022 route map

NB: The red dotted line runs alongside the footpath/track/road which the actual race follows.

CHR 2022 route no commentary.png