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The usual suspects (Ken, Tony, Rob Pullen, The Whites (Major & Minor), Chris Brumby, Brian Quinn and Andy Railton) set out to meet at the Queen Vic in Llanbedr; for those who are unsure of the geography of darkest Mid Wales it is about 5-6 miles North of Barmouth.


Ken and Tony were good boys and left well before closing the rest of us turned up 10 more minutes before closing time, except Chris who left home just before closing time.

I have an, admittedly unsound, theory that the male brain instinctively knows the journey time to any part of the UK when you need to arrive just before time is called.

Anyway come Saturday morning we all hauled ourselves out of our pits from various tents or cars. Brian's 'Home II' tent was however showing signs of wear; one corner tie had parted company from the tent. The weather was showing signs of being distinctly windy; would the tent and its occupants survive the weekend?

From the parking place we set off towards the Roman Steps and quickly climbed to the top of the pass. Following our erstwhile leader (Rob Pullen) we skirted around a lump and then trogged our way to the top of Rhinog Fawr.

Dropping back down the hill we then wound our way round to the Bwlch Drws Ardudwy. Then some mildy heated discussion followed about where to camp it being somewhat windy. Eventually we decided to send the White boys ahead to the scout out the wind situation next to Llyn Hywel whilst the rest of us plodded along behind.

It being no windier than anywhere else we ended up camping alongside the lake. Eventually we managed to erect 'Home II' and pinned down with rocks we thought the tent stood a good chance of survival. If the tent ripped free in the night would we be just another ghostly UFO siting or possibly the first crossing of the Irish Sea in a tent at low level?

We all piled into the tent to eat and put as many bodies into the tent to warm it up; see the photos for us in the tent particularly watch out for Tony in his 'Cathy Freeman' outfit! Anyway the tents all survived the night and we had a brief walk out in the morning back to civilisation and a quick stop for food and a pint in the Queen Vic back in Llanbedr.

See you all next year.

A postscript - sadly 'Home II' survived the night but not without some damage and wear to poles and tent fabric - we seek a new 'Home'.


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